Take a Happy Ride


We all love cycling, right?  Well, even so….sometimes we just need to forget about training hard and get out for some fun on the bike.  In this quick tip, Darryl discusses the importance of a Happy Ride and how to incorporate it into your training.  It’s just one more ingredient to help you become a […]

Simple Adjustments to Improve your Shifting

Rear Deraileur

How to avoid the dreaded clunk clunk when you shift  In this quick tip Victor talks about the 3 most common causes for poor shifting. How to do some basic adjustments on your own. 1. Cable binding 2. Cable stretch 3. Hanger misalignment   Link to the Online Class Victor Talked about  Related Posts:Check and […]

Where to Ride – Road Surfaces

This quick tip is about where to ride on the road. What parts of the road should you use? What about riding on the white line? Where else can you ride? Related Posts:Check and replace your clipless pedal cleatsDo it Yourself: Build Your Own BikeWe’re On the AirBe a Raging Fire on Your BikeThe Third […]

Cycling for Masters Athletes


How old is too old to ride a bike?  Well, we feel that cycling is something that not only can be done into the golden years…..but your performance can be top notch as well. Darryl and Victor talk with Kevin Morgan, a 70 year old athlete who’s still rocking things on the bike.  Kevin is […]

Should you shave your legs?

Shaved Legs

This quick tip attempts to answer the question. Why do cyclists shave their legs? Is it for performance? Ease of massage, or something else. Listen to this quick tip and find out.   Related Posts:Do it Yourself: Build Your Own BikeCheck and replace your clipless pedal cleatsWe’re On the AirBe a Raging Fire on Your […]