Where to Ride – Road Surfaces

This quick tip is about where to ride on the road. What parts of the road should you use? What about riding on the white line? Where else can you ride? Related Posts:Check and replace your clipless pedal cleatsWe’re On the AirBe a Raging Fire on Your BikeThe Third Bottle – Stay Hydrated on Long […]

Avoid Being Hit by a Vehicle While Cycling


Most cyclists ride in conditions where vehicles are present, so how do we make sure we don’t end up getting hit by one of them? This podcast came together as a result of our own Victor Jimenez having a very close call on the bike, and the tips and information found in the recording are […]

Bike Mechanic Tips for Non-Mechanics

Basic Bicycle Mechanic Tips

Bike Mechanic Tips for Non-Mechanics If you’re a cyclist who doesn’t feel much like a mechanic, you’re not alone.  Our very own co-host, Darryl is ashamed to say that he doesn’t know much about fixing bikes….well, until now. In this cycling 360 quick cast, Darryl explains how he used to always take his bike to […]

Pedals for Lighter Cyclists


Clipless Pedals for Lighter Cyclists  If you’re a cyclist that weighs around 130 pounds or less, you’re going to want to listen to this cycling quick cast from Darryl.  Even if you’re not a lightweight, maybe you can pass along the information to another cyclist you know. All pedals are not created equally, and lighter […]

Time Trial

Learn about Time Trials The Time Trial is a unique aspect of cycling that is important in it’s own right.  Not all cyclists might find themselves preparing for a Time Trial (TT), but the advice from our resident experts will help you out in other aspects of your riding.  Victor and Rob (yeah, they gave […]