Improving Your Inner Drive

Scott Price

Cycling and Inner Drive: Improving Your Performance We may have said this about other podcasts, but we feel this one is something everyone needs to listen to.  We brought Scott Price on this episode to help us discuss inner drive and inner abilities that all great performers and successful people master….and to tell you how to […]

Should you shave your legs?

Shaved Legs

This quick tip attempts to answer the question. Why do cyclists shave their legs? Is it for performance? Ease of massage, or something else. Listen to this quick tip and find out.   Related Posts:Check and replace your clipless pedal cleats

Goals and Challenges


What are your top level cycling goals and what might be stopping you from achieving them? In this quick tip Victor talks about how to self evaluate your goals and close the gap between where you are now and where you want to go with your cycling. The exercise is simple. Just write down on […]

Assessing Your Performance on the Bike

Assessing your cycling performance

Have you experienced a decrease in your cycling performance and just not sure what was the cause.  This happens once in a while to our co-host Darryl and he likes to analyze things to find out what’s going on.  He’s put together a checklist of things to look into and also discusses some of them […]

Avoiding Flat Tires


In this quick tip Victor talks about “strand free cycling”. We cover 3 tips that will help you avoid getting a flat tire. 1. Select the correct tire pressure 2. Inspect your tires for debris 3. Use high quality tires Here is a link to the maintenance class that was mentioned Tire Pressure article   […]