Lower Back Pain and Cycling


In this edition of the Cycling 360 Podcast, Darryl and Victor discuss lower back pain.  If you’ve ever experienced this you know how even something as simple as rolling over in bed can become uncomfortable…but we’re here to help. Listen in and learn more about lower back pain and ways to prevent it from happening […]

Where to Ride – Road Surfaces

This quick tip is about where to ride on the road. What parts of the road should you use? What about riding on the white line? Where else can you ride? Related Posts:Check and replace your clipless pedal cleatsWe’re On the AirBe a Raging Fire on Your BikeThe Third Bottle – Stay Hydrated on Long […]

Check and replace your clipless pedal cleats


How to check and replace your cleats In this quick tip Victor talks about why you should replace your cleats Worn cleats can cause problems like Knee issues Problems clipping in and out Even foot discomfort Cleats are a consumable item like tires and should be checked frequently and replaced when worn. It is critical […]

On Crank Arm Length


What crank arm length is best? In this quick tip Victor discusses how to find a crank arm length that works for you. What it is Why longer is not always better What length you will be most efficient on Tips for lower rpm riders Related Posts:Check and replace your clipless pedal cleats

How your weight effects your performance on the bike


This weeks quick tip is from Victor How weight effects performance on the bike Cyclists obsess about bike and equipment weight but where they really should be looking is at their bodies. A little weight loss can make a big performance improvement Control your weight all year 8-10 pound can have massive time saving on […]