Cycling 360-2015

We’re 12 days into 2015, and you might be wondering when the next episode of the Cycling 360 podcast will be coming out?  The simple answer is… 4 days.  But we’re so excited about our newest podcast that we wanted to put out a little teaser. One of our amazing listeners, Martin Blomberg, has offered […]

Why you have tight hamstrings

Why you get tight hamstrings and what to do about it. (just stretching is not enough) Many cyclists struggle with chronic tight hamstrings.  Many blame themselves for not stretching enough and usually end up ignoring the tightness. At least until they get and injury. The cause is usually caused by either your position on the […]

Cycling for a Royal Flush

Poker and cycling’s remarkable hybrid Chess boxing, footvolley, and polocrosse are just a few sports that have been created out of a combination of two different activities. Across the world of sports, there seems to be a long-standing interest with combining distinct types of sports to come up with a hybrid that has the best […]

Spreading the Cycling Lifestyle Message

We love cycling….yeah, that is why we do the cycling 360 podcast.  It’s also because we want to help people become better cyclists and create new cyclists as well.  Now it’s your turn to spread the message. That’s right, in this quickcast Darryl explains how an e-mail from one of our listeners helped us realize […]

Pedaling technique

In this quick tip Victor answers a call in question from a listener on pedaling technique. Some of this things discussed Push vs Pull Powering up a climb Why the pull is important Mentioned in the show To learn about an upcoming online class about pedaling technique Visit and sign up to be notified […]