Keeping your Bike Clean


Are you damaging your bike by cleaning it the wrong way? In this tip Victor talks about the common mistakes that people make when cleaning their bikes. Why wiping your bike down many not be enough How to wash your bike Why the wrong detergent can ruin finishes and damage components.   If you want […]

Visualization and Cycling

Visualization and Cycling

We brought in Mental Skills Coach, Carrie Cheadle for this episode so she could share her expertise on visualization. Not only can visualization improve your performance on the bike, but it can help you achieve things in all areas of your life. Visualization is a powerful tool, and many of todays top athletes have incorporated […]

Off the Bike Strength Training


In this quick tip we talk about how to improve your strength off the bike. What type of exercises should cyclists do for strength training? Are squats the right thing? What aspects to focus on. Low back Hamstrings Calfs Muscles that pull you backwards Sample Exercises Superman and variations Dead Lifts Yoga- variations of warrior […]

Just Smile to Improve your Performance


I know, it seems so simple and maybe even a little weird. But just smiling can help improve your performance. Even if you dont want to smile. Listen to this quick tip and embrace the power of the smile

Going Fast

Going Fast on Bicycle

Darryl loves speed, so of course he’s going to figure out ways for me to go faster on his bike.  In this quick tip on going fast, he shares what he feels are guaranteed ways to increase speed on your current bike and set up. Have a listen and then try them out for yourself….then let us know […]