What to aim for in your cycling?

How can you keep on improving your cycling? Take a bigger picture of your life when you want to take your cycling to a new level. Often we read articles or listen to podcasts and feel that we need  to set this x goal or that y goal in order to improve your cycling. How […]

On Maintaining Your Bike

Everybody knows that if you maintain your bike it will last longer In this tip Victor answers the question on how long a bike will last. But there is a much better reason to maintain your bike, its really a pleasure to ride a bike that is clean and is properly adjusted.  The big idea […]

Do you fight your bike?

Todays tip is about fighting your bike. This tip came up the other day when I was out on a ride on my local roads. I was riding along at spinning in an easy gear and came upon another rider. From a distance I could see him swerving all over the road. As I got […]

When to Replace your Tires

When you should replace your tires? What to look for on the back tire What to look for on wear Why you should look at the little cuts in your tires How to Identify dry rot The basic bicycle maintenance course that was mentioned in the podcast

Becoming a Faster Rider and Climber

How can you ride faster? In todays quick tip Victor talks about going faster. Actually the method outlined here will also help you go farther as well. Why intervals are important. Why you should keep a high cadence during these intervals What you need to be careful of What kinds of intervals give you the […]