When to Replace your Tires

When you should replace your tires? What to look for on the back tire What to look for on wear Why you should look at the little cuts in your tires How to Identify dry rot The basic bicycle maintenance course that was mentioned in the podcast

Becoming a Faster Rider and Climber

How can you ride faster? In todays quick tip Victor talks about going faster. Actually the method outlined here will also help you go farther as well. Why intervals are important. Why you should keep a high cadence during these intervals What you need to be careful of What kinds of intervals give you the […]

Adding Miles Through Commuting

Darryl has always been the kind of cyclist who trains hard on the bike and gets his full miles in each day.  But a slight change in lifestyle hasn’t changed the effectiveness of his training….it’s only changed the way in which he gets it. In this quick tip, he talks about how you can get […]

Think About Renting a Road Bike When Traveling

In this quick tip podcast, Darryl explains how he’ll be renting a road bike on his upcoming trip to Austin, Texas.  Sometimes it’s just easier to locally rent a bike than to bring your own, and by doing so you’ll be able to keep on cycling. Just a real basic tip, but something to think […]

Cycling on Gravel

None of us like taking our road bikes on anything other than beautifully paved road, but if it hasn’t happened already there might come a time when you need to pedal through some gravelly road. In this quick tip, Darryl talks about a few little tips that will make riding through gravel more manageable for […]