Ride Your Personal Tour de France


It’s the time of year where cyclists and also a lot of non-cyclists get excited for a little 21 stage race called the Tour de France.  We wanted to have some fun this month so we’re challenging our listeners to take part in their very own personal TdF. Here’s the deal.  Listen to this episode […]

Cycling for a Royal Flush

Poker and cycling’s remarkable hybrid Chess boxing, footvolley, and polocrosse are just a few sports that have been created out of a combination of two different activities. Across the world of sports, there seems to be a long-standing interest with combining distinct types of sports to come up with a hybrid that has the best […]

Please Help


We need your input Why: We want to help you be a better cyclist. Not only will you learn key information that you can put into effect, but you’ll learn it from industry experts who have helped thousands of athletes achieve their goals.  We can safely say that if we produce this event, it will change your […]

Team Rwanda Speaks About How Cycling Can Change Your Life


Darryl and Victor were honored to have Jock Boyer and two members of the Team Rwanda cycling team on this podcast.  For those of you who don’t know about Team Rwanda, you can find out more at www.teamrwandacycling.org.  But for those of you who do know something about their story, you’ll know it is nothing […]

The Cycling 360 Podcast Goes On

Cycling 360 Logo Large

The Cycling 360 Podcast is committed and ready to keep helping you become a better cyclist. When we first started this podcast two years ago, we had the lofty goal of becoming the number one cycling podcast on the internet.  Well, that goal was achieved recently and we are so proud of where we’ve come […]