On Maintaining Your Bike

Everybody knows that if you maintain your bike it will last longer In this tip Victor answers the question on how long a bike will last. But there is a much better reason to maintain your bike, its really a pleasure to ride a bike that is clean and is properly adjusted.  The big idea […]

Keeping your Bike Clean

Are you damaging your bike by cleaning it the wrong way? In this tip Victor talks about the common mistakes that people make when cleaning their bikes. Why wiping your bike down many not be enough How to wash your bike Why the wrong detergent can ruin finishes and damage components.   If you want […]

Which Bike Should I Get? Carbon or Titanium

Carbon or Titanium This quick tip is about selecting a new carbon or titanium frame What are the properties of each Why would anyone select one over the other. But isn’t Ti heavier? Learn how to properly care for your high end Carbon bike.  

How To Do Basic Gear Adjustments – even when you are riding!

How to do basic gear adjustments while you are riding! Victor talks about what those little barrel adjuster are for and how to use them when you are riding. Simple tweaks that you can make that will save your ride. If you want to learn more about how to do adjustments and maintain your bike. […]

What wheels should I get?

If you have listened to the podcast for a while, you know that wheels are one of the most important components on your bike.  They really dictate the handling more than any thing else. Victor talks about how to think about which wheels and what depth rim is appropriate your your style and skill level […]