Finding Time


We all struggle with making enough time to ride. In this tip Victor give you a few ideas on how to find time. You actually have more time than you think.

Which Bike Should I Get? Carbon or Titanium


Carbon or Titanium This quick tip is about selecting a new carbon or titanium frame What are the properties of each Why would anyone select one over the other. But isn’t Ti heavier? Learn how to properly care for your high end Carbon bike.  

Off the Bike Strength Training


In this quick tip we talk about how to improve your strength off the bike. What type of exercises should cyclists do for strength training? Are squats the right thing? What aspects to focus on. Low back Hamstrings Calfs Muscles that pull you backwards Sample Exercises Superman and variations Dead Lifts Yoga- variations of warrior […]

Just Smile to Improve your Performance


I know, it seems so simple and maybe even a little weird. But just smiling can help improve your performance. Even if you dont want to smile. Listen to this quick tip and embrace the power of the smile

How To Do Basic Gear Adjustments – even when you are riding!


How to do basic gear adjustments while you are riding! Victor talks about what those little barrel adjuster are for and how to use them when you are riding. Simple tweaks that you can make that will save your ride. If you want to learn more about how to do adjustments and maintain your bike. […]