Getting ready for your big event

How to avoid many of the problems that people have before a big event. When to have your bike “tuned” before the event Have your bike checked several weeks in advance. Avoid the common mistake of waiting until a week before your event to have your bike checked and or repaired and then blame the […]

Should you get a road bike with disk brakes?

Disk Brakes on a Road Bike? In this tip Victor shares his opinion on disk brakes for road bikes. In a few years disk brakes will be pervasive on road bikes. Whats the big problem with old fashioned caliper road brakes. Hydraulic brakes may need a pro to do maintenance. The big advantage of disk […]

How to toughen up your rear for a long tour

How does one deal with saddle pain on a long ride? In this tip Victor talks about saddle discomfort. How to deal with different types of saddle soreness. Bruising ( how to deal with bone bruising) Saddle sores and chafing Choosing the correct cycling shorts  

Addressing neck and shoulder pain with position

Don’t let cycling be a pain in the neck One of the most common problems riders have is neck and shoulder pain. In this tip Victors touches on some of the main causes and a few very simple things you can do to improve your comfort. He also shares a simple test to help determine […]

What to aim for in your cycling?

How can you keep on improving your cycling? Take a bigger picture of your life when you want to take your cycling to a new level. Often we read articles or listen to podcasts and feel that we need ┬áto set this x goal or that y goal in order to improve your cycling. How […]