Cycling Training Tips from Ultraman, Bob Willix

In this episode, the Cycling 360 duo call in ULTRAMAN for assistance.  Hahaha, no this isn’t our comic book issue….but in this podcast we are joined by ultraman competitor, Bob Willix. If you’ve never heard of an ultraman before, we explain more about this grueling race and have Bob answer several questions about how he trains […]

Cycling and Balance

It’s a part of cycling that none of us usually think about….but balance is a huge part of riding a bicycle.  We take it for granted and never really think it’s something we can use to improve our cycling.  But Victor feels it’s more essential than we give it credit for, and wanted to share […]

Adding Miles Through Commuting

Darryl has always been the kind of cyclist who trains hard on the bike and gets his full miles in each day.  But a slight change in lifestyle hasn’t changed the effectiveness of his training….it’s only changed the way in which he gets it. In this quick tip, he talks about how you can get […]

Think About Renting a Road Bike When Traveling

In this quick tip podcast, Darryl explains how he’ll be renting a road bike on his upcoming trip to Austin, Texas.  Sometimes it’s just easier to locally rent a bike than to bring your own, and by doing so you’ll be able to keep on cycling. Just a real basic tip, but something to think […]

Get Out of Your Own Way, and RIDE

This episode of the Cycling 360 Podcast is brought to you by Ryders Eyewear.  We appreciate their support, and you’ll find out more about their products and our comments in this edition of the show. We bring back our resident Mental Skills Expert and Coach, Carrie Cheadle, for another podcast that is sure to make you […]