Cycling360Media.com is the host site to the Cyling360 Podcast hosted by Darryl Kotyk (Loving the Bike) and Victor Jimenez (BicycleLab). The 2 hosts bring years of experience and expertise in cycling fitness, technology and many other cycling related topics. To learn more about out our hosts click on their names above to see their bios.

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About the hosts

Darryl Kotyk

Darryl Loving the Bike

Darryl Kotyk

Darryl is definitely the least technical guy in the Cycling 360 peleton, but there is no denying his love and passion for the bike.  He adds a nice balance to the mix by bringing his unbridled enthusiasm and fun loving attitude to each of the podcasts, and really enjoys the interaction he has with his co-hosts.

He’s a bone fide social media warrior who loves meeting and interacting with cyclists from all over the World.  A native of Canada, Darryl realized that he needed to relocate in order to cycle year round so he uprooted his family and moved them to Austin, Texas….and then again to Grenada, West Indies.

Along the way, Darryl has been involved in many different industries and locations. So many, that we couldn’t let him list them all here for fear of running too far down the page.

His cycling blog, http://lovingthebike.com, has become a favorite digital media hub for bike lovers around the world.  He is also the owner of the Caribbean first and only bicycle cafe, Mocha Spoke.  Additionally, he is one of the founders of the popular weekly Twitter chat, #bikeschool….and is often involved with various other projects related to cycling.

When not hard at work juggling all his cycling sites and business, this devoted husband, father of three, and avid cyclist can be found riding those crazy island roads of Grenada, or conversing with clients and fans on Twitter, Facebook, and so many other funky cool places.

 Victor Jimenez

Victor Jimenez

Victor Jimenez

Victor is our resident professional bicycle fitter and overall cycling and bicycle industry expert. Victor, has been fitting bicycles to people and helping them hone their technique for over twenty five years.  He has taught clinics and workshops for USAT coaches and athletes on bicycle fit, efficiency and technique. He also works closely with coaches and medical professionals to educate them on bicycle fit and how the body interacts with a bicycle.
After years as a triathlete, then bike racer; American College of Sports Medicine trainer, and fitness testing specialist he began to apply his knowledge and experience to bicycle fit. Victor studied bike fitting in the mid eighties, and continues to study and consult with some of the most respected bicycle fitters and builders in the industry.
Victor is also a frame builder/designer, master mechanic, and wheel builder.

He is owner of Bicycle Lab. Bicycle Lab.com is a small boutique studio that specializes in bicycle fitting and teaching cyclists how to interact with their bicycles. Linkedin, Twitter @bicyclelab, Facebook